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To view current planning applications on Guildford Borough Council's website please click here and either enter a postcode or planning application number, or use this link

The Parish Council’s response where we have objected or commented can be viewed by clicking on the tab ‘consultee consulted’.


The Parish Council is a statutory consultee on all planning applications within West Horsley received from Guildford Borough Council (GBC). We also submit comments to applications received from Surrey County Council (SCC).

Planning applications are discussed at the monthly Parish Council meetings, when the Parish Council decides whether to submit formal comments, or objections to the planning applications to Guildford Borough Council (GBC) or Surrey County Council (SCC). The Parish Council has a Planning sub group, which reviews all planning applications in detail for the Parish Council and makes recommendations at the Parish Council meeting.

The aim of the Planning Team is to safe guard the Village on behalf of residents in line with the approved  neighbourhood plan. We also consider applications close to our borders where there may be an impact on our village.

Additionally, the minutes of the Parish Council meetings record decisions made by the Parish Council . The latest minutes can be accessed on the Parish Council meetings page.


The Parish Council has also been heavily involved in responding to the local plan consultations over recent years. More information about this can be found on the Local Plan page of this website and also on Guildford Borough Council's website.

Planning News

Letter of Complaint Written to MP Sir Paul Beresford 

Jointly with East Horsley Parish Council, we decided to contact Sir Paul as our local MP to see first hand the effect the Local Plan & our removal from the Green Belt is having on our Villages and to experience the devastating impact lorries & trucks are having on our lanes, roads, verges and daily living. We await his response & will inform residents of the outcome as soon as we can.

Wisley Airfield development 

Owners Taylor Wimpey have run two public community engagement sessions which were held on Thursday 16th and Saturday 18th July, 2020. If you missed these, they are available to view on the following link:

Their response to the two sessions is presented in a Q&A document and you can register to receive further updates. All maps and documents are also available to view.

If you have any questions please contact Taylor Wimpey directly on [email protected] or 07713940724.

Taylor Wimpey are currently establishing a local Community Liaison Group which will include a West Horsley Parish Council representative. The group will meet monthly and we will provide regular updates on our Parish Council website. 

Additionally, WHPC had a virtual meeting recently with representatives from Taylor Wimpey - please see here for the notes of the meeting. 


Village Planning Application Updates

Windfall/Garden Development/Infilling Applications ONLY

Waterloo Farm

Waterloo Farm sits within allocated Site A39. Four new homes in the front courtyard of the Farm were approved during 2019.

Reference: 18/P/01885 (Parish Council objected, GBC approved)

A further application was submitted in December 2019 for five new homes in the back garden. This application has yet to be determined.

Reference: 19/P/02096 (Parish Council objected, awaiting decision)


Land to the South of Champney Cottage, Cranmore Lane

 Proposed erection of five two storey dwellings with associated parking, landscaping and access works. Work has commenced.

Reference: 19/P/01234 (Parish Council objected, refused at Planning Committee, permitted at appeal)


Britains Farm

Erection of five dwellings and associated access and landscaping

Reference: 20/P/00346 (Parish Council objected, Planning Committee refused)

A subsequent application for five dwellings was submitted to better reflect the housing mix requirements of the Neighbourhood Plan. Work has commenced.

Reference: 20/P/01430 (GBC approved)


Silkmore, Silkmore Lane

Erection of four dwellings and associated landscaping and access.

Reference: 20/P/00139 (Parish Council objected, GBC approved)


Round Tree Farm

There have been a number of applications for this site, including approved change of use of barns from agricultural to residential, and an approved application for a three bedroomed barn conversion. The property history is extensive. More recent applications include:Proposed conversion of three agricultural barns to form a detached dwelling; associated garage.

Reference: 20/P/02122 (Parish Council objected, awaiting decision)

Proposed erection of a pair of two-bedroom and a pair of three-bedroom semi-detached dwellings.

Reference: 20/P/02230 (Parish Council objected, awaiting decision)

Proposed erection of two detached dwellings to replace Round Tree Farm Cottages, 251 and 253 The Street.

Reference: 20/P/02233 (Parish Council objected, awaiting decision)

Two appeals were started in February 2021 with regard to these applications for the earlier proposals for this site, references 20/P/00767 and 20/P/00875. There are also three new applications recently submitted for consideration – 21/P/01185, 21/P/01206 and 21/P/01196. These are updates to the applications listed above – details to follow.


Land to the rear of 168 The Street

There have been two applications so far for this back garden development:

Erection of two detached dwellings

Reference: 20/P/01194 (Parish Council objected, withdrawn)

Proposed erection of a pair of two storey semi-detached dwellings and one two storey detached dwelling, with associated garaging and new access.

Reference: 21/P/00182 (Parish Council objected, awaiting decision)


Land to the east of 164 The Street

Proposed erection of five dwellings with associated garaging, landscaping and access from Little Cranmore Lane.

Reference: 20/P/02026 (Parish Council objected, GBC refused)

Goodhart Rendell Planning application (20/P/01503) - WHPC has objected to this planning application. To read the Parish Council's objection, please click here and select the document submitted by WHPC on 22 October 2020

Village Allocated Sites

Site A36 Land at and to the rear of Bell & Colville, Epsom Road

Identified for approximately 41 new homes

Site A37 Land to the west of West Horsley, Manor Farm

Identified for approximately 139 new homes

Site A39 Land to the north of West Horsley (around Waterloo Farm)

Identified for approximately 120 new homes

Nearby Local Major Planning Applications

Site A38 Land near Horsley Railway Station, Ockham Road North

(Lollesworth Fields) Reference: 19/P/01541

An outline application for the demolition of two dwellings and alterations to access, with all matters reserved for up to 110 new homes and 99sqm of office space etc was approved in November 2019. Catesby Estates Ltd have sold the site to Taylor Wimpey. Concerns remain over access and flooding. Along with East Horsley PC, we have objected to each reiteration of this application and we now await the detailed application.

Highways England proposals for M25 Junction 10 and A3

Highways England are planning major changes for the M25 junction 10/A3 Wisley interchange. The Statutory public consultation took place in 2016/2017. Copies of the consultation materials and outcome are available on the project website:

Public Consultation 2019 decision

The Secretary of State has deferred the decision on the application until November 2021 whilst additional information is gathered. This is the second deferral.

The Drift Golf & Country Club, East Horsley

SCC Ref 2014/0150 and GBC Planning Application 14/P/01718

Works are underway for the construction of the new Practice Range at The Drift Golf Club.

Howard of Effingham School, Effingham

Ref: 19/P/01451 (approved January 2020) 19/P/01760 Approved February 2020. Revised application for the school Ref: 20/P/02048 (registered, awaiting decision)

Following an appeal by the developer Berkeley Homes Ltd (March 2018), detailed planning permission (Reserved matters) has now been given for the Howard of Effingham School to be rebuilt along with up to nearly 300 new homes on Effingham Lodge Farm and Brown’s Lane

Brick Kiln Farm, Old Lane, Cobham, Surrey KT11 1NL

Surrey County Council Ref: 2017/0194 Surrey County Council Ref: APP/B3600/C/20/3262645

Retrospective use of land for the importation, deposit, storage. Processing and composting of green waste materials, the storage and processing of excavated waste deposited on site and import and processing of excavated waste etc. West Horsley Parish Council have submitted a response to the appeal in support of our neighbouring residents who are very much affected by this site.

Former Wisley Airfield

This site was purchased by Taylor Wimpey in March, 2020.

A Community Liaison Group has been established which meets monthly to cover various topics related to the future application. West Horsley Parish Council is represented on this group.

A website has been set up which provides all current information, including a document library, timeline and access to all community engagement sessions, including the recorded online events. You can also subscribe to receive future updates.

If you have any questions contact the Taylor Wimpey Team [email protected] or 07713 940724.

                     Neighbourhood Plan

West Horsley is no longer ‘washed over’ by the Green Belt, and all protection afforded by this crucial planning constraint within our amended settlement boundaries has been removed. There are three allocated sites in West Horsley now.

Our Neighbourhood Plan is our last defence. As part of the total ‘Development Plan’ for the Borough its policies must be taken into consideration. We are now relying heavily on this to defend inappropriate development and retain the character of our rural village.

The Parish Council remains firm in its stance to protect green fields, our environment, our heritage assets, and preserve our local character and landscape setting


                 Local Plan (Guildford)

The Parish Council have been heavily involved in responding to the GBC Local Plan: Strategy and Sites, which was adopted in April 2019. Details of this can be found on this link