Roadworks Likely to Cause Disruption


 22 November '21

 Epsom Road, West Clandon Road Closure


Surrey Highways will be carrying out pavement works on Epsom Road, West Clandon, beginning Monday 29th November. The works between Merrow Lodge and Balancing Pond will be completed under a road closure for 5 nights, 8pm to 8am.

You can find up to date details of the works on If you have any questions please contact SCC on [email protected]


11 November '21 

Ockham Road North Temporary Prohibition of Traffic Order 2021

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Surrey County Council propose to make the above-mentioned Temporary Order under Section 14(1) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, the effect of which will be to prohibit vehicles from entering or proceeding in that length of Ockham Road North (B2039) East Horsley as extends from a point in line with the south eastern boundary of the property known as “Bramfield” to a point in line with the north eastern boundary of the property known as “The Jays”. Alternative Route: Ockham Road North; Portsmouth Road; High Street; Portsmouth Road; A247 Clandon Road / The Street; A246 Epsom Road; Guildford Road; Ockham Road South; and Ockham Road North or this same route in reverse.

The Order is required to facilitate mains sewer connection works to be carried out by, or on behalf of ASL Ltd within the length of road described in this notice. These works are anticipated to be carried out over two weeks within the 12 month period of operation of this Temporary Traffic Order which commences on 29 November 2021. Advanced warning signs will be displayed and the temporary closure, which is anticipated to be in operation 24 hours per day will only operate when the relevant traffic signs are displayed. Access for pedestrians and dismounted cyclists will be maintained at all times. Due to the nature of the works, there will be no vehicular access through the closure area, vehicular access for residents, businesses, the emergency services, and all other traffic will be via the signed diversion route.

The Council are satisfied that, in accordance with Section 3(2)(a) and 3(2)(b) of the Act, vehicular access to and from premises within the length of road above or accessible only therefrom may be restricted in order to avoid danger to persons or other traffic using the road and/or for preventing the likelihood of any such danger arising.

Dated 12 November 2021
Authorising Officer: Richard Bolton
Local Highway Services Group Manager

Enquiries to: - Traffic Regulation Orders Team, Hazel House, Merrow Lane, Guildford, Surrey GU4 7BQ
Telephone: 0300 200 1003

NOTE: Further to this notification, scheduled dates may be viewed at: and


11th November 2021

Cranmore Lane


Utility Infrastructure Providers Fulcram, Road Traffic Solutions will be placing temporary traffic management on the Lane from Wed 24th November up to Thurs 2nd December. 


For further information please contact RTS directly on 01724 848246 or