Your Parish Council

We are a rural Parish Council currently consisting of nine elected Members and one co-opted Member, who volunteer to represent all Village Residents' views and the needs of the community. We are a civil local government authority which is non-religious and non-politically based. 

The Role of Your Parish Council:

The Parish Council forms a key part of the democratic process. We give people a say at a very local level on proposals which affect them and represent residents and the village's interests to organisations such as Guildford Borough Council & Surrey County Council.

Increasingly, we represent the views and need of our communities across a wide range of issues. We have a legal right to be notified of all planning applications within the Parish Boundary and we are consulted fully by Guildford Borough Council. This means that the Parish Council can influence strategic planning issues and a range of other important matters affecting the community we serve.

The Parish Council also provides a number of local facilities.  

Becoming a Parish Councillor is a rewarding and valued form of public service. Councillors have to balance the needs and interests of their residents, voters and local council.

All Councillors contribute to the work of the Parish Council by:-
  • Having a say about things they care about;
  • Putting forward ideas for better services
  • Responding to the needs and views of their constituents
  • Seeking the best outcome to local issues; and
  • Getting involved in decision-making by voting.
An individual Councillor (including the Chairman) cannot make a decision on behalf of the Council. Therefore, cooperation between Councillors to achieve the best possible outcome for the community is the key to success of the Council and the basis for a rewarding contribution. Importantly, this involves listening to the views of other Councillors and getting broad agreement on the best way forward.

Elections to Parish Councils are held every four years. Vacancies may arise during the four year period and will be advertised on the website and on the notice boards around the village.

If you are interested in becoming a Parish Councillor for West Horsley or wish for further information then please contact the Parish Council