Surrey Hills AONB Boundary Review

Review Process Explained

Posted: 7th April 2022 

Click here to see a recent webinar presentation given by Surrey Hills on its Boundary Review process


West Horsley Parish Council's submission to the Boundary Review 

Published: 28 January 2022

The following document has been submitted by West Horsley Parish Council (WHPC) as part of the Surrey Hills 'Call for Evidence' on the potential for expanding the area designated as AONB (more specifically Evaluation EA6).

WHPC Submission to the Surrey Hill AONB Boundary Review - January 2022

Anyone can participate in this initial 'call for evidence' stage of the boundary review, however time is running out as the deadline is Monday, 31st January 2022. For more information, and to be part of this important process, go to Surrey Hills AONB Boundary Review - Share.


Surrey Hills AONB Boundary Review Call for Evidence 

Posted: 22 December 2021

West Horsley Parish Council is currently collating evidence to support the extension of the Surrey Hills AONB Area to include much of the Parish (see map). Our evidence will be submitted before the closing date, which is 31st January 2022.

It is really important for as many people as possible who live in and around the area to participate in this review process. Please contribute your knowledge and impressions of the landscape in the Evaluation Area. Where there is a particularly strong case for consideration, landscape immediately next to the Evaluation Area will also be considered.

Natural England is asking everyone to gather information about the natural beauty of the landscape, its condition, scenery, wildness, tranquillity, natural and cultural heritage. Evidence that you can provide for these factors will be particularly important for its assessments.

For further information please visit the Surrey Hills AONB Boundary Review website.

Evidence can be submitted via the website or via email at [email protected].

Please submit your evidence by 31st January 2022, and if possible, share with the Parish Council at [email protected].

Map shows Evaluation Area 6: incorporating land from Bushy Hill through to East Horsley (including large parts of West Horsley)