The Role of the Parish Council  

West Horsley Parish Council is a statutory consultee on all planning applications within West Horsley received from Guildford Borough Council (GBC). We also submit comments to applications received from Surrey County Council (SCC).

Planning applications are discussed at the monthly Planning Committee meetings, when the Committee decides whether to submit formal comments, or objections to the planning applications to Guildford Borough Council (GBC) or Surrey County Council (SCC). The Committee reviews all planning applications in detail on behalf of the Parish Council and reports its recommendations to the Parish Council at its monthly meetings. The decisions made regarding planning applications are recorded in the minutes of the Planning Committee monthly meetings.

The aim of the Planning Committee is to safeguard the Village on behalf of residents in line with the approved West Horsley Neighbourhood Plan. We also consider applications close to our borders where there may be an impact on our village.

The Parish Council has also been heavily involved in responding to the local plan consultations over recent years. More information about this can be found on the Local Plan page of this website and also on Guildford Borough Council's website.


Search for a Planning Application

You can view all current planning applications on Guildford Borough Council's website at

Simple Search (

Enter a keyword, reference number, postcode of single line of an address to find a specific application. If the Parish Council has commented or objected to a application, you will be able to find its responses by clicking on the tab 'consultee consulted'.


You can also use GBC's interactive Planning Information Map.

Planning Information Map - Guildford Borough Council


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