The Orchard

The Village Orchard is a tiny but crucial open space in our village. It is an amenity for us all to use and enjoy. During the past year we have had a number of very successful events held there including a Teddy Bears' Picnic, Carol Singing and a Lantern Procession at Christmas and Easter Egg Painting Fun, an Easter Bonnet event and a Family Easter walk that culminated with refreshments in The Orchard. The WI also held a summer tea party and picnic there.

The Village Orchard is yours to use as you will. Perhaps a simple family picnic, a birthday party or just simply to pick the fruit in the jam making season. It is all there for us all. It is strictly a dog free area, closed either end by substantial gates, so safe for children to run around in.

The Orchard is patrolled regularly by four ladies, known as the Orchard Guardians, who keep an eye on things and report to the Parish Council if there is anything needing attention such as the recently removed bench which became rather unsteady. In addition we have a lady whose sole job it is to ensure that both gates are firmly closed to keep stray dogs out. It is a lovely quiet spot, is host to many birds, has inviting benches and a picnic table, so go ahead and enjoy it in whichever way you like.