Riparian Ownership & Responsibilities

Are You a Riparian Owner?

If you own land alongside a watercourse, you are legally termed a riparian owner. Water courses can be a natural or artificial channel, such as a river, stream, ditch or culvert (an underground covered channel or pipe). As a riparian owner you have certain rights and have the responsibility for maintenance and clearance of these watercourses. If left unchecked, they can result in flooding issues in the surrounding area.

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How do I know if I am a riparian owner

Unless otherwise shown on the Title Deeds, all of the land owners in this picture would normally be riparian owners up to the middle of the watercourse:

  • House A is responsible for the all of the watercourse running through their garden
  • House B is responsible for the watercourse behind the fence at the bottom of their garden
  • House C is responsible for the watercourse behind the fence AND the pond
  • House D is responsible for the culverted (piped) watercourse buried in the ditch in front of their land AND the underground pipe which runs beneath their property to the pond
  • House E is responsible for the open ditch in front of their house AND the piped section under their access bridge
  • House F is responsible for the watercourse at the end of their garden behind their hedge
  • Landowner G is responsible for both the watercourses running along the edges of their land AND the pond