Ockham Roads Survey

Published: 28 March 2023

Ockham Local and Strategic Road Network Issues

Ockham Parish Council is asking for help with its ongoing roads/traffic monitoring survey. Details as described below:


The purpose of the survey is to build a picture of the issues on roads within Ockham and the immediate area. If you come across a queue of traffic due to the National Highways M25/A3 roadworks, please log it using the survey including date and time. You can log any problems you encounter so if you find you are queuing in traffic at Ockham Park roundabout multiple times as you go about your day (or see queuing traffic from a bridge over A3 or M25 which is likely to be as a result of the J10 works), let us know giving the time and date of the incident. Please also advise if you are driving on an Ockham/local road and come across a hazard, perhaps a pot hole/ crumbling road edge. We know that in parts of Ockham the road is so uneven it makes driving hazardous.

Click to participate  Ockham Local & Strategic Road Network Issues Survey (surveymonkey.co.uk)

If you have concerns about your safety when driving, perhaps because the road is too flooded to see the uneven camber, use the survey to let us know and of course please log it with SCC Highways https://www.surreycc.gov.uk/roads-and-transport/roadworks-and-maintenance/report-a-highway-problem

If you notice HGVs on weight restricted local roads, please share this using the survey.

We will analyse the information shared with us about the problems and issues locally with SCC Highways and National Highways.

You can also advise National Highways of issues on the A3 and M25 using this email address: info@nationalhighways.co.uk

If you have google maps on your phone and want to screenshot any congestion you have witnessed and share it with us, then that's good too!

With many thanks

Ockham Parish Council