Ockham Road North Junction with A3 Flooding

Published: 28 June 2023

Surrey Highways carried out an extensive survey of the area to ascertain the source of the problems at the Ockham Road North/A3 junction.

Using CCTV, they discovered that several of the drains were blocked with tree roots, had silted up with soil and become completely blocked.  These have now been cut out where necessary, replaced with new piping and any blockages have been jetted clear.

In addition to this, ditches in the area have been cleared out and 're profiled' where necessary.  Ditches that border land owned by DEFRA all require extensive works and Surrey CC are pursuing this with DEFRA, to ensure the works are carried out before Autumn.

New drains and ditches have also been installed in the area  to ensure that the  drainage systems in this location can cope in the event of increased/excessive rainfall.

 It is hoped that the above works will now ensure that all surface water is effectively carried away from the road and into the drainage system, and we will not see a repeat of the floods and road closures of last Winter.