Proposed Closure of Horsley Station Ticket Office

Published: 17 July 2023


Did you know that South Western Railway is proposing to close the ticket office at Horsley Station and to cut the hours the station is staffed to only 20 hours a week?

This will mean that for most of the week there will be no stationmaster, no waiting rooms, no loos, no community piano, and most importantly, no assistance for anyone in need. In addition, SWR says that not all ticket categories will be available from its ticket machines, making it impossible for some people to travel unless they are able to book online or get to a main station in advance.

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Click here to read SWR's Station Change Proposal 

We urge you to read and respond to SWR's 'Station Change Proposal' consultation. The DEADLINE IS 1 SEPTEMBER. These proposed changes will be permanent and detrimental to our wider community. We need to rely more, not less, on our buses and trains, so please click on the link below to read the proposal and then submit your individual comments to London TravelWatch at:

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