Allocated Sites For West Horsley

Site A36 Land at and to the rear of Bell & Colville, Epsom Road - Identified for approximately 41 new homes

10 smaller homes were approved for development during 2018 on the brownfield land of the Bell & Colville workshops. This site was originally refused, but allowed at appeal. Construction work has commenced.
Reference: 15/P/02122

The other part of the site at 20 The Street for 23 new homes has also been approved, despite all our best efforts to object and a close vote at the GBC Planning Committee, November 2019. Construction work has commenced.
Reference: 19/P/01210

The remaining field in the middle of the site, for a further 8 new homes, was approved at the Planning Committee, June 2020. Construction work has commenced
Reference: 20/P/01273

Site A37 Land to the west of West Horsley, Manor Farm Identified for approximately 139 new homes

An application for 138 (net) houses, alongside provision of suitable alternative natural greenspace (Ben’s Wood) and ancillary teaching and sporting accommodation was submitted in November 2019 by Thakeham Homes Ltd
Reference: 19/P/01909 (withdrawn due to lack of public engagement and requirement to complete the Design Review Panel process)

A new application was submitted December 2020, and is currently being considered by GBC. There are 175 objections lodged so far.
Reference: 20/P/02067

The Parish Council’s letter of objection can be viewed here


There have been some minor amendments to these plans (under the same application number) for which the consultation period closed on the 25th June 2021. The Parish Council submitted further obhections.

Site A39 Land to the north of West Horsley (around Waterloo Farm)
Identified for approximately 120 new homes

The first application for a piecemeal development of this larger site has been submitted by Antler Homes.  The application is for 35 dwellings, including 14 affordable housing.

Reference: 21/P/00917

The Parish Council's letter of objection can be viewed here



These three sites will add some 300 additional new homes to our village and are scheduled to be built within the next five years

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